Find the Best Black Seeds
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Perhaps you’ve heard about the health benefits of black seeds (nigella sativa) and are eager to try them for yourself. Or maybe your natural health doctor recommended adding black seed oil to your diet.

Whatever brought you here, it’s important to understand that not all black seeds are created equal. The source of your black seeds absolutely matters, and we’re going to tell you why and what you need to look for to know you’re getting a quality product.

Nigella Sativa: Where to Find the Best Black Seeds

Source Matters
When it comes to most seeds and seed oil products, like sunflower oil, you usually don’t give a second thought as to where these products come from. You use it to cook with and aren’t expecting any amazing benefits from it.

But black seeds are a little different, given the many health benefits they provide. How and where they’re grown will ultimately impact their quality

How Can You Tell Which Seeds are Best?

Black seed products come from several countries in and around the Mediterannean basin and Asia. The top producers as far as quantity OR quality include Turkey, Syria, India, Egypt, and Ethiopia.

There are a few tell-tale signs that indicate a country of origin’s place in the black seed market.

For starters, you can look at the amount of black seeds or related products the country grows or exports, as well as their capacity to grow them. For example,Turkey is a very mountainous country that just doesn’t have the topography required to grow a large amount of black seeds.

Another warning sign is the quantity the country is producing. For example, India is considered the top producer of black seeds, but they’re like the China of seed manufacturing. They may have the most seeds, but the quality and good growing practices aren’t there. Instead, they’re trying to mass produce lower-quality products, like black seeds, to bring down the price and essentially dilute the product.

Also, consider what else the country grows. Are black seeds a commodity, or is it something they specialize in? Have they been growing these seeds for centuries (like Egypt), or are they just getting started with this crop because it’s trendy?

Looking at all of these factors, we’ve found that Turkey has the lowest quality of black seeds, while Ethiopia has the highest quality.

Turkey is not a big producer of black seeds, nor are they exporting these seeds to other countries. In fact, Turkey purchases seeds from India and Ethiopia to make some of their black seed oil products.

Ethiopia has found an ideal balance of crop growth, quality, and a genuine understanding of black seeds and the benefits they offer. For Ethiopians, growing black seeds isn’t just a business, but also part of the culture that’s been passed down through generations

Why BioNatal Nigella Sativa Black Seeds are Best in Class

BioNatal nigella sativa seeds and seed oil are produced in Ethiopia using their own black seed crops. Unlike companies in other countries, BioNatal doesn’t mix black seed oil with other (cheaper) products to dilute the quality and lower costs.

Rather, BioNatal products are pure and potent, giving you all the health benefits you expect without compromise.

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